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World Link

In the past we have had a link with Kids2Kids, a school in Nairobi, Kenya. Thanks to a grandparent of children in school, we exchanged letters and donated old uniform to the school for street children, helping them get back into mainstream education. We also fund-raised to buy them books. We are currently involved in a project with some of the schools in the ERA cluster in partnership with the British Council to work with other clusters of schools abroad. The project is called "Connecting Classrooms".



Following Mr. Davis’ sabbatical in volunteer teaching in Nepal, we have created links with schools there. We are exchanging letters with Classes 3-8 at Shree Swet Ganesh school in a village called Chaukot near Dhulikhel, an hour from Kathmandu.summer 2016 v


We have also been involved with fund-raising for the Juniper Trust to renovate the hostel for blind children at Sanjiwani school in Dhulikhel where Mr. Davis and his wife Paula volunteered, with events including a coffee morning organised and run by Class 3. One of the two buildings was destroyed by the earthquake in April 2015 and the children were living in unsafe conditions. Because there are very few opportunities for blind children to gain an education in Nepal, these blind and partially-sighted children have to live apart from their families, unable to go home except for long festival periods. The programme of renovations will make their home into a safe place with much better facilities.



We enjoyed a visit from Sikha, who is a teacher from our partner school in Nepal.