Long Marton

Community School



We aim that your child's life should be enriched by a range of musical experiences. The music in school will foster your child's sensitivity to and their understanding and enjoyment of music through an active involvement in listening, composing and performing. Click here (scroll to the bottom) to hear a see a Class 2 composition and  here to see and hear an example of a Class 4 composition. The children have the opportunity to: learn individual instruments, sing in a choir and all pupils perform in the Christmas and Summer music concerts, as well as church services such as Harvest and Christingle. 

See below the music objectives taught in each music topic in each school year.

Music objectives Y1-6

See the whole school overview showing when topics are covered, the skills developed and the opportunities for composing and performing. The teaching resources used are predominantly from the Charanga whole school scheme. Assessment is made by observations of the composition process, performances and discussions appraising different music genres and composers - see the assessment grid below.

School Choir

This meets every week to practise and perform in school concerts, at the local church, at community events and Manchester arena (annually at Young Voices). Click here to hear them sing In My Room.