Long Marton

Community School



We know the vital role that computers will have in your child's life and we will ensure that they become confident and able users of technology and its various applications, including skills such as coding, digital photography and drawing, sound manipulation, data-logging, word processing, emailing and most importantly internet safety.


Within our school, there are plasma screens in Classes 1, 3, 4 and at one end of the hall. There is an interactive whiteboard in Class 2. We have a good supply of up to date laptops and i-pads. We also have an excellent range of software that covers both the requirements of the National Curriculum for Computing and which support other subject areas. 


The computing curriculum is delivered to pupils from Y1-6 as a discrete lesson for an hour a week by our computer specialist. The National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) gives support to schools in computing delivery and detailed lesson plans are provided and adapted for classes and groups using previous knowledge of children's skills and unit baseline assessment. Summative assessment is made after discussion with the children, observation and end of unit quizzes. This is then recorded on the foundation assessment grid.

See below the computing objectives taught in each computing topic in each school year. 

As part of our safeguarding responsibilities we also are very aware that we need to help our children stay safe on-line - for more information see our Internet Safety Advice.

In the overviews below you will find the key knowledge, skills and vocabulary covered in each topic.

Y1 and 2 Knowledge and Skills overviews

Y3 and 4 Knowledge and Skills overviews

Y5 and 6 Knowledge and Skills overviews