Long Marton

Community School

Curriculum Design

"Everything that is possible is done to ensure that the national curriculum is strongly promoted. Excellence in that which is measured in statutory tests never gets in the way of providing pupils with tasks that inspire and excite them. Individual gifts and talents are celebrated. Talents are strongly promoted and gifts increasingly so. Pupils gain great credibility through sporting and artistic achievement. Nearly every pupil is given an equal opportunity to achieve to their full potential." Ofsted May 2014

We started our curriculum design with the National Curriculum. We looked at the objectives due to be taught in each school year from Early Years through to Y6 and created a jigsaw of the subjects. At the same time we decided what topics could be delivered, considering the specialisms within our school and the local context - a small, rural primary school in the Eden Valley.

We are a small school; each class has two school years in it.

Class 1 Nursery and Reception 

Class 2 Y1 and Y2

Class 3 Y3 and Y4

Class 4 Y5 and Y6

We devised a two year topic plan for each class - see below. Wherever possible, we considered a cross-curricular approach so that topics chosen linked with as many subjects as possible (particularly foundation subjects).


Curriculum Jigsaw

This shows an overview of what is covered in each subject for every school year from Early Years to Y6.

Our Class Curriculum Two Year plans

Each class has a two year topic plan where all the subject content and skills in Science, RE and the foundation subjects are divided into cycle A (year 1) and cycle B (year 2). 

Termly Learning Overviews

Breaking down the two year plan into more detail, a termly overview gives further information about what is taught in each subject - see opposite.  This is sent out to parent/carers at the beginning of each term. It is also put on each class door to give any visitors an overview of what is being covered in that class that term.  For more detailed information on what is being covered this term in each class visit our Class pages and look at their termly learning overview.

Knowledge and skills overviews

Drilling down to give more information about the knowledge, skills and key vocabulary covered in each curriculum subject each term in each class, we have our knowledge/skills overviews for lots of our foundation subjects and science. This is a work in progress and we are building these up over time. Click here to see knowledge skills overviews for a range of subjects.



Assessment in foundation subjects is done completing the end of unit analysis - see below. This gives an overview of the learning of knowledge and skills in a unit.  This to inform the class teacher about areas of strength and area for further improvement. This information will also give subject co-ordinators an overview of pupil progress but also strengths and area for focus in that particular subject.