Long Marton

Community School

Eco Club (Greenfingers)

Lakeland Landscape Fund

We were delighted to receive a grant of £1300 towards an 150m long hedgerow that we planted in March 2023. The Woodland Trust also gave us 400 trees. We worked with community members to plant it on a beautiful, sunny day every pupil and staff member helped to plant 600 trees.. Please click here to watch a video about the work.


Woodland Trust GOLD Green Tree award

We are delighted to have been given this award that encourages outdoor learning and inspires pupils about trees, woods and wildlife.

Nature's Voice

Some of our pupils have formed their own club called Nature's Voice. Their aim is to care for and develop the school environment. They plan fund raising events to raise n=money to but flowers, seeds and plants . They have designed their own t-shirts and made up their own song that they have performed to all the pupils and staff in school. They update the school community through assembly and talks to individual classes. 

Red squirrel conservation

We are enjoying finding out lots about red squirrel conservation in our project with award-winning film maker Terry Abraham. 

He shared a small clip of his work in school yesterday on his face book page. You can view it following this link.

Spreading Sunshine

Greenfingers made up packets of sunflower seeds and decorated them and wrote a note to accompany them. These were then delivered to community members.



Some of the children were very excited to see a murmuration from the school field. A murmuration of starlings is an amazing sight - a swooping mass of thousands of birds whirling in the sky above your head. 



Greenfingers work hard to prepare the ground, sow seeds, nourish and care for them, harvest them and make them into produce like chutney.

Summer Success

The meadow is looking truly spectacular - a techni-coloured dream garden. It's certainly been a haven this summer for bees and insects.

Some of the older children started unpacking some of the outdoor equipment we received in our successful bid for the Local School Nature grant. 

Local School Nature Grant

The club were delighted to hear that they were successful with their application to Local School Nature Grants. They gave the whole school a presentation on Forest schools, asked for everyone's views and ideas and used these responses to complete the grant application. Their successful bid for £500's worth of goods will enable the school to get a ghillie kettle, outdoor den making kit, outdoor learning all weather kit and fire kit.

The staff will also receive training. WELL DONE to all!

Cumbria Youth Climate Conference

Two of our older pupils attended the conference at Cumbria University where pupils from forty other schools attended to share their thoughts on climate change. All children gave a two minute presentation on their particular school's view of the situation and what they are doing to address it.

Spring Gardens

All children in school were encouraged to create an Easter or Spring garden. They brought in their own resources from home and used some in school. They produced some beautiful ones.

Christmas Fair

The children in Greenfingers work hard through the Autumn term to prepare goods to sell at The Christmas Fair. This year they served soup and rolls, jars of chutney and soap made with some of the produce grown in the school grounds. They raised £35 which will be used to buy more seeds and plants for the school grounds.

Christmas Crafts

In December 2022 the club worked in partnership with Fellside Flowers, Long Marton to run a Christmas table decoration activity afternoon.