Long Marton

Community School

Visions and Values



“A happy, caring, creative, learning environment at the heart of our community."

We want all our children to know how to learn and we believe that this will not only help them in school but will also help them to be life-long learners. We want our children to have a growth mindset where they:


1. Learn, learn, learn - focus on learning, working hard and improving.

2. Realise how hard work is key - seek challenges.

3. Face setbacks - keep going despite them.


We believe that the 5 Rs will help them to achieve these.


Our Children

To provide an ethos whereby all our children are encouraged to achieve their potential through a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum and to live a healthy lifestyle, enjoying good physical and mental health.


Our Resources

To maintain our school premises in good order with quality resources for the education and care of our children to keep them safe.



Our Curriculum

To achieve a broad, balanced, relevant and enjoyable curriculum throughout our school which meets the statutory requirements and the needs of all our children enabling them all to achieve and develop skills for adulthood.


Our Staff

To ensure all our staff are competent and dedicated

individuals who have expert knowledge and work to safeguard all our children from harm and neglect.




Our Community  Links

To continue to forge and maintain strong links with parents and the community at large and encourage our children to make a positive contribution, by being involved in the community and society.