Long Marton

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Speaking and Listening

Speaking and Listening

We want our children to become confident in their communication skills. The foundations for this are built in the Early Years where a prime, curricular area is communication and language. EYFS children are assessed using the Ox-Ed LanguageScreen and NELI interventions are put into place for those who need it. Through the school we continue to monitor children's skills and make referrals to speech and language specialists for extra support when required.

We encourage pupils to communicate clearly, describe accurately and to ask questions. We provide lots of opportunities in a range of situations through drama, assemblies, presentation and discussion. It is important to encourage children to develop their listening skills and to enjoy listening in a range of different situations. We ask them to follow instructions, convey messages and follow ideas raised in group discussion with understanding and interest.

Speaking and listening encompasses all areas of the curriculum. We have regular class and school councils which give the pupils opportunities and purpose to model these skills. Wherever possible we like to provide speaking experiences in real-life situations eg. running Christmas fair stalls, performing in plays. Every year our older pupils, along with pupils from a number of other primaries, take part in a debating event in the local town.