Class 3 and 4 enjoyed working on the Rainbow Tree clay art project with Isabella and Val. Class 4 visited Long Marton church for an Anzac Day remembrance reflection. Class 4 are swimming every afternoon next week and will need picking up from Appleby swimming pool at 3.10pm. Please let us know if you want to pick any siblings up form school at 3pm.

Long Marton

Community School

As our name suggests, the school today is very much a community school and we receive much help and support from the surrounding community to ensure that the name is also synonymous with excellence - it is through this combined effort that we continue to be amongst the best performing schools in Cumbria. One of our pupils once said that "We are a small school that achieves BIG things." Come and have a look at some of the things we do here on our website.
“A happy, caring, creative, learning environment at the heart of our community.”