Long Marton

Community School

World Book Day

It is World Book Day on March 4th 2021. Over the next three days here are some activities to help us to focus on and celebrate the gift of reading and books.

Two activities for any day:

- ask a long-distance relative (or someone that they haven't seen in a while) to read a bedtime story remotely.

- Take a photo of yourself doing an Extreme Read- reading in n unusual place (remember to stay safe and local).



Make a book mark. Choose a favourite character from a book you love - Click here for instructions OR create your own design. Send photos: to




Make a Book in a Shoebox - recreate a scene/represent part of your favourite book in shoebox - Click here and/or here.

Send photos to:



a) Indoors - create a snuggly reading corner at home

b) Outdoors -  Live a book outdoors e.g. go on a Gruffalo walk, Into the Forest by Anthony Browne, Lord of the Rings adventure, We're going on a Bear Hunt etc. 

c) Would you like to make some Gruffalo biscuits or Gingerbread mice - see below.

Gingerbread Mice

Gruffalo Biscuits (you can use white chocolate buttons instead of almond flakes)

Jill made these ones.smileyheart

Send photos to: