Long Marton

Community School

Online Learning Class 2 Mrs Birkett

Welcome to your online learning page!

For a whole class who are self isolating there is:

  1.  A registration Zoom meeting to check in 9-9.30am drop in, children who are not present will be contacted by the class teacher.
  2. A timetable below where you can click on links which will direct you to the activities set for each day.
  3. A Zoom lesson at 11.50 each morning,  picking up on the morning's learning and introducing the afternoon's work.
  4. If you have any questions, email your teacher using their school email address -

This is your timetable for the week beginning Monday 1st March while you are learning at home.

Click the red words and you will be connected to your lesson.

Timetable 1st March

 We were reading the class novel 'The boy who grew dragons' by Andy Shepherd.  If you have Alexa, you can access this story for free via Audible.