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International Polar Bear Day

International Polar Bear Day - Saturday 27th February 2021

We have all seen polar bears on Christmas cards, when studying the Arctic and when reading/watching His Dark Materials. Did you know that they are highly endangered and there are only 22,000 pairs left in the world. You can sponsor a polar bear for £36 through the World Wildlife Fund and school would like to do this. If you would like to make a donation of £1 (or more) please message Wendy for further details on: Together we can make a difference to their survival.



1. Find out more about them by clicking here.

2. Through Polar Bears International, there is a Hudson Bay, Canada webcam that is currently showing highlights of their last season - click here to watch. 

2. Fill in this quiz - see answers below.

3. Draw your own polar bear with our step by step guide. We'd love to see your pictures.

NB. Tomorrow you are going to make a polar bear lantern out of recycled materials so you will need: • Milk bottle • Tissue paper • Pens • glue • Scissors.


1. Click here for a quiz about polar bears. When you submit all your answers, you will find out the actual answers.

2. Make a polar bear lantern - click here and send photos of your lanterns to:

NB. Tomorrow you will be making some polar bear cupcakes - you will need some white chocolate buttons, white chocolate, butter cream icing and something to draw the eyes and nose.

Friday (answers for Wednesday's quiz above)

1. Have you enjoyed learning about polar bears? Do you feel inspired to help protect them?

Here’s how you can lend a hand without even leaving the house!


a. Save energy!

Saving energy and protecting the environment can help slow down – and could maybe even stop – climate change. So switch off lights when you leave a room, and don’t leave gadgets charging unnecessarily.

b. Recycle!

Unfortunately, scientists have discovered plastic pollution in the Arctic. Small bits of plastic are frozen deep in the ice there, which is bad news for Arctic wildlife. You can help tackle this by using less plastic, choosing reusable products when possible, and always recycling paper, plastic, glass, newspaper, and aluminium!

c. Club together!

Start a group with friends and message each other with fun ways to help the planet. You could even plan to raise money for a charity that looks after the Arctic and Antarctic – like getting sponsorship for your daily walk!

d. Adopt!

Consider helping us to adopt an endangered polar bear through the World Wildlife Fund - donate a £1 to school - contact Wendy on


2. Make some polar bear cupcakes - click here (or design your own buns/biscuits). Enjoy and send photos of your cakes/biscuits. to: and have a good weekend.