Long Marton

Community School

Curriculum Mapping

"Everything that is possible is done to ensure that the national curriculum is strongly promoted. Excellence in that which is measured in statutory tests never gets in the way of providing pupils with tasks that inspire and excite them. Individual gifts and talents are celebrated. Talents are strongly promoted and gifts increasingly so. Pupils gain great credibility through sporting and artistic achievement. Nearly every pupil is given an equal opportunity to achieve to their full potential." Ofsted May 2014

Curriculum Jigsaw

This shows an overview of what is covered in each subject for every school year from Early Years to Y6.

Our Class Curriculum Two Year plans

Each class has a two year topic plan where all the subject content and skills in Science, RE and the foundation subjects are divided into cycle A (year 1) and cycle B (year 2). 

Termly overviews

For more detailed information on what is covered throughout each school year in each class visit our Class pages and look at our termly overviews.

Early Years Curriculum (Pre-school and Reception)

See below for further details about what our children learn in the early years (Class 1)

Maths and English objectives (Y1 - Y6)

See below the key objectives taught in each year for maths, reading and writing.

Foundation Subjects and RE

Objectives (Y1-Y6)

In each foundation subject there are a range of skills and content to be taught. See what skills and content are planned to be taught to each year group in which topic. RE is also included here. For more details about Knowledge and Skills covered in each subject click here.

Science Objectives

See below for the objectives covered in each year group and the investigative skills developed in KS 1, lower KS 2 and upper KS 2.

Assembly Themes


See our three year topic cycle for assemblies below.