Long Marton

Community School

Covid-19 Information

Covid-19 guidance for December 2021

1. School will encourage all in school to continue with frequent handwashing and all rooms will be well ventilated.

2. Staff will take lateral flow tests twice weekly - any positives to be followed up by PCRs (essential visitors encouraged to hand sanitise and to complete lateral flow in advance of visits).

3. Parents/carers must not send children in to school if they are displaying symptoms.

4. Children will need to be isolated and sent home if they start displaying symptoms at school.

5. Children whose family members test positive will be asked to follow the latest Cumbria Public Health guidance.

6. Families returning from overseas will be asked to follow the current Government guidance.

7. Close contacts of those who test positive for the omicron variant will be contacted by Test and Trace and advised to self-isolate for ten days.

8. Face masks are advised for staff and visitors in communal areas.

9. If there are linked cases in school, Public Health may advise school to consider going back to the bubble system temporarily.