Long Marton

Community School

DT Week

 DT Week - From Monday 30th October to Friday 3rd November the children took part in our first DT Week. During the week the children took part in a wide range of activities in class and also with a DT specialist, Fran Ward from STEM Cumbria.  The classes started the week making imaginative templates and printing their own Christmas wrapping paper. Class 1 and 2 had lots of fun working with Fran to program and direct Beebots (mini robots), they were so good at it that he let them use the Beebots on the other days he was in school. Class 3 and 4 consolidated their work on Electricity with a Bright Sparks day, led by Fran again; this was a great opportunity to experiment using circuit boards and other equipment that we do not have in school.


Fran spent his last day in school  working with Class 4 on Robotics, he spent some time explaining the importance of learning how to program and control robots in the world today and how they are going to become more widely used to replace many jobs currently done by humans. They worked in small groups to program a technical Lego robot using iPads and this accumulated in a fantastic robot dance off!


Fran also brought with him masses of KNex construction equipment which the classes used throughout the week, some making helmets with extraordinary features! Classes 1,2 and 3  (and staff) brushed up on their needlework skills and made jolly Christmas puppets and tree decorations.  


 Class 4 went to AGS on the Friday where they put on a special day of DT activities; making plastic picture frames, decorating cakes and creating fruit rockets. AGS also provided the children with a complimentary lunch, which was a huge hit. The children have already asked when the next DT week will be and can they have weeks of other subjects, so a very positive reaction. Thank you to all the parents who helped out during the week.