Long Marton

Community School



The core subjects of our curriculum are essential skills that your child will need to master in order to prepare him or her for the rest of their future. As a result of this, much emphasis and importance is placed on your child's development in these key areas. To reflect this, the core subjects are allocated a specific time during each week at school.



To ensure your child's future success, we aim to encourage and improve their use of language in a variety of contexts. What is more, we anticipate that they will leave us with a love of literature and language in many forms, and will be able to express their thoughts clearly and fluently in both written and oral forms. English is taught through the daily literacy lesson.  



Our aim is that your child will become a confident

independent reader with a love of books - we know that children should develop the ability to read, understand and respond to all types of print.  For further information on the school's approach to teaching phonics and reading please follow the link below.



Your child will be taught a broad range of

language skills, including spelling, grammar,

writing, and punctuation. They will be encouraged to write both imaginatively and factually, with much of the written work being done in other subject areas.

For further information on the school's approach to teaching spelling punctuation & grammar please follow the link below.


Maths will be essential in almost every

problem that your child has to solve in their daily lives. We aim to ensure that your child will develop a positive attitude towards Mathematics and to learn to use it with confidence, pleasure and understanding. Their knowledge, skills and understanding in maths will develop as they use it in practical activities to solve relevant meaningful problems and to explore the patterns and relationships on which mathematical concepts depend. See below a range of resources to show you how we teach number skills in school.


The teaching of Science for your child will

be based, as far as possible, on the immediate experience of their own environment. They should acquire the skills and attitude that enables them to observe carefully and systematically and find patterns in observations, to note similarities and differences, to make generalisations, to set up fair tests and devise simple experiments and to use tools for a planned purpose. For more information on what we teach in science and when click here.


Your child will be taught

many of the foundation subjects in a topic/ project based way. This cross-curricular approach makes for a stimulating and varied environment which will fire your child's interest and imagination. It also ensures that they will learn to appreciate and to apply acquired skills and knowledge to relevant and important subject areas needed for their future. See our curriculum jigsaw for more details on the content of our foundation subject curriculum in each year.


In our school we have a good supply of up to date computers and printers. There are 3 interactive white boards in KS 1 and KS 2. We also have an excellent range of software that covers both the requirements of the National Curriculum for Computing and which also support other subject areas. We know the vital role that computers will have in your child's life and we will ensure that they become confident and able users of technology and its various applications, including e-mail, coding and the internet. Click here for more information on our computing curriculum.


Geography is concerned with the study of places, the human and physical processes which shape them and the people who live in them. Through our teaching of this subject we aim that your child will develop an understanding of the world they live in and of the interdependence of individuals, groups, nations and the environment. We also study the child's local area. Click here for what we teach in geography and when.


Our teaching of history aims to encourage your child to enjoy their heritage; to increase their motivation to investigate and research; to develop their skills for finding out, understanding and evaluating that information. The multicultural content will also encourage your child to gain tolerance, empathy and social awareness. Click here for what we teach in history and when we teach it.


We aim to promote your child's enjoyment of art and to allow for the expression of their ideas, thoughts and feelings through a variety of 2 and 3 dimensional media as well as studying famous artists. This will develop the important areas of their visual perception and visual literacy as well as art appreciation. Click here to see out Art topics and what skills we teach and when.


We aim that your child's life should be enriched by a range of musical experiences. The music in school will foster your child's sensitivity to and their understanding and enjoyment of music through an active involvement in listening, composing and performing. The children have the opportunity to: learn individual instruments, sing in a choir and all pupils perform in the Christmas and Summer music concerts, as well as church services such as Harvest and Christingle. Click here for the music curriculum at Long Marton school.

Design Technology

Technical capability is essential for your child to live and work in a technical society and the designing and making of products is a desirable activity which can provide fulfilment throughout their life. We therefore aim to develop his or her skills, knowledge and understanding to work with a range of materials and components to make and evaluate products fit for a specific purpose. Click here for more information on what we teach and when. Your child will develop an understanding of energy and structures and will become aware of the impact of technology and its contribution to the quality of life. For more information on our Technology week click here.

Physical Education

Subject areas that your child will cover will include gymnastic skills, creative movement and dance, games skills leading to minor and major games, and athletics. Click here to see when and how our PE curriculum objectives are taught. The whole school will have the opportunity to participate in swimming lessons at the nearby swimming baths at Appleby. We aim to encourage your child to enjoy and succeed in the whole range of activities offered to them. However we also appreciate that winning and losing are aspects of sport and life that children need to learn to deal with in a fair and acceptable manner. In our teaching of PE, we therefore aim not only to encourage your child's physical development but also to ensure that they develop an appreciation of the importance of these life skills.  For more information on the Sports Premium click below.


Learning French in Key Stage 2 provides the pupils with an insight into another culture, deepening their understanding of the world, as well as beginning to enable pupils to communicate practically both in speaking and in writing. Our aim in French is to ensure that all pupils develop a good understanding of written and spoken French; speak with increased confidence and fluency and; write the language at varying lengths for different purposes and audiences. These aims will be taught through different topic areas throughout years 5 and 6 such as: family and daily life, food and drink, shopping, school, travel and holidays using a variety of methods and activities including games, music and film. Visit this page for more information on the French curriculum.


Religious Education

RE in our school is given in line with the County Agreed Syllabus. The religious instruction is moralistic and broadly Christian, including general beliefs and concepts of a range of faith communities. If you do not wish your child to receive such instruction, however general please contact Rachel Smith, head teacher. If required your child will be able to work with another member of staff whilst Religious Education is taking place. For further information on the content and when its taught click here. 


Sex Education

It is not the policy of the school to teach sex education as a separate part of the curriculum. However, many aspects will be taught as part of regular topic work as seems appropriate e.g. Science. When your pupil is a Y5 and Y6 they will received Sex Eduation with the other Y5 and 6s from cluster schools. You will be informed when this is to occur as you do have the right to withdraw your child from sex education lessons. If you wish to discuss this, please contact Rachel Smith, Headteacher


Special Education Needs

We believe that all our children are entitled to have equal access to all the experiences provided by our school, all our children are entitled to experience our broad and balanced curriculum, and all our children should be given the opportunity to develop to their full potential. To achieve this, a need for extra support may arise because of social, development or educational factors or because a child may be exceptionally gifted. Therefore we have developed the following aims:

  • We aim to identify children with Special Educational Needs as early as possible
  • We aim to plan, implement and monitor the provision of Special Educational Needs through a partnership with parents and staff and consultation with external agencies and governors.
  • We aim to fulfill Special Educational Needs in a caring, supportive atmosphere which promotes learning.

Our school is ideally suited to children with Special Educational Needs of whatever kind. As a small school we know all our children as individuals and this offers great benefits. In addition, the premises of our school are readily accessible and flexible to those with physical disabilities. We have 2 ramps with handrails into School, a disabled toilet and level access within for children with mobility problems. Otherwise individual needs will be accommodated for as they arise. Other relevant information concerning the SEN policy is available in school.